rear-suspension, right side

Got the other oil seal and the thicker spacer in the mail today. As this new spacer is only 0.002" thicker than the one I used to determine the endfloat and that one seemed to give an endfloat of something indistinguishable from zero, I carefully measured the endfloat with the new spacer (0.150" thick).

Apparently my measurements weren't that bad and I got a bit lucky. Measured endfloat now was 0.055 mm which corresponds to just a bit more than 0.002". This is just above the minimum. Phew!

So, the all trial assembly to the complete rear end is now complete. What is left is the right-side camber shims (waiting for delivery) and measuring toe-in.

One thing I noticed was that there is some play on the left side of the output-shaft of the diff. That is, i can turn the brake-disc a bit without a corresponding movement of the input shaft. The right side has this as well, but much less. I'll have to consult a jag expert to assess the limits on this. Mr. Haynes does only talk of excessive crownwheel to pinion backlash as the cause of a problem, but not how much of this backlash is allowed (maximally).