Hike: Katwijk aan Zee - De Zilk LAW 05-2 (04)

This post is the result of a little hike along one of the Long Distance walks in the Netherlands: "LAW 05-2 (04) Katwijk aan Zee - de Zilk", part 4 of "Nederlands Kustpad"

I recorded the hike with my Suunto Traverse watch and exported this as a GPX file. I used that gpx file as example data to create a little gpx viewer which can be embeded in html pages. With Leaflet this is almost trivial to do.

The details of the hike are on my Movescount page for this move.

If you zoom in on the map, you'll see that the recorded path is not an exact match with the followed path (the dotted lines). This is because I used a long interval of GPS fixes to record the path. I think it was a 10 second interval, so there's some tuning to do for this in future.

The exported GPX has information about temperature, height, energy, speed and possibly some other stuff. My intention is to have this information incorporated in the map later on, similar to the way this is displayed on the movescount site.

If you're interested, the GPX file is here: