Last bits of suspension to process

The rear hubs have been waiting for 2 parts to be galvanised; the water throwers. I bought these new as the originals were very pitted and dented.


It costs something like € 70,- to galvanise a box of parts. It does not matter if that box has 2 bits or is cramped full. So, I've been gathering things to fill the box with, but kind of struggled to get a reasonably filled box. As I do want to finish the rear end of the suspension soonish, the box was delivered to Galvin to process. It should be back here within 2 or 3 weeks or so.


Not sure how I am going to fit the throwers onto the hub though. There is a small edge on the hubs over which the throwers should be 'clicked'. Obviously I do not want to damage the throwers so I'll either need to find a way to equalize the pressure over the circumference or heat it up so it sort of drops over it automatically. The edge seems to be smaller at the bottom than at the top, so heating it seems a plausible way to go.


Once I get them back, I'll give that a try first.