All blogs under one hood now

Finally gotten around to integrating and this site to the wordpress installation. This site already ran under wordpress—µ for while, but I wanted to wait for the integration part until most of the 2.7 features appeared in the subversion repository.

Creating this site (toplevel in the wordpress—µ application was easy, content-wise. Adjusting the installation so I could register both independent toplevel blogs (domains) and sites below that took a bit of fiddling around, most of it related to getting the subdomains and its users right.

Most of the conversion-work for the cobra blog involved installing the plugins and making sure the users and admins were properly aligned.

In addition to the plugins used for the content I wanted the wordpress feed plugin, so the toplevel blog can syndicate it's children. For starters, this blog now syndicates all posts on the cobra blog, thus fulfilling one of the steps i wanted to take with (it being the parent of * in a planet-like construction)

There are some smaller things which I want to correct (like the toplevel syndication pinging back to the child, which is kinda silly) but those can wait.