Filling up your schedule with Xaraya content

Creating content with Blocklayout in Xaraya is flexible and every once in a while i want to take it for a spin. In the past i've played with creating a XUL theme where Xaraya served it directly as the XUL mimetype, this time i've been playing with creating a calendar feed of any Xaraya content which has some sort of a date attached to it.

What happens is that the content of some part of Xaraya is fed into an iCal theme which produces output according to the iCal standard Blocklayout sets the right content type for us, which allows clients like Apple's iCal or Gnome's evolution to 'subscribe' to the calendar feed.

Above is an example on how that could look in the iCal application. The Feed block on the right side allows you to do exactly what is described here if you have a client which allows you to subscribe to iCal feeds. I've tested it with Evolution and iCal. The concept is still young but I can see a lot of potential in this.