Moving over

I moved over my Moveable Type powered blog over to a Xaraya install. Long overdue, given that I am a developer on Xaraya, it is sort of obligatory to run the blog from that package.

I tried to mimick the old look as much as possible. While Xaraya is certainly more flexible and some things were much easier to do than in MT, I also noticed that the finesses of MT will take a while to move over.

Some things which will take some time to come back the full MT way:

  • Trackback functionaliy; while Xaraya supports this, it will take some manual effort to get it to be a friendly player;
  • Inline RDF Moveable type supports by default for autodiscovery;
  • Some templating work is still left (like directly showing the older entries);
  • The support for uploading images directly with blog postings;
  • The extended API support.

The above is one of the reasons i moved over, so i have a real life itch to implement those things in Xaraya. We'll see