The site MrBlog.nl is my personal entry point to what I do on the web. It is mostly for myself to experiment with things while pretending to be a blog.

About me

Here's a list of info and places where I can be found; these change quite a bit, so this place tries to be up to date with the current set:

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About this site

I try to keep the main blog stream usable, but everything else on the site may be in limbo at any time. The site is used as an ongoing project to learn to use new languages and tools.

It started out as a moveable type site in 2003, when I was developing Xaraya I ate my own dogfood and used that. I had a tangent of using Wordpress (2 different branches of it, actually) for a dedicated Cobra build log and have since merged those posts into here as well.

The org-mode era started around that time when I used org2blog after moving from OSX back to Linux. Almost within a month I dropped wordpress and replaced it with Jekyll. As I've never liked ruby as a language I changed that to Hakyll which is a Haskell powered static blog engine. Maintaining the haskell site was easy content wise, but maintaining the actual blog program was hard, so I moved over all content to Hugo

This is where we are now.

To build the site I have borrowed a number of tools and resources from others. I try to keep a complete list of them complete with links back to them:

  • blog system is Hugo;
  • hugo theme is based on Clarity;
  • all files are edited with the Emacs editor;
  • I use git to publish the blog to my server and to a repository on github;
  • Content is mostly written in orgmode or markdown;
  • Bootstrap is dependent on the jquery library, but I use it directly too for the live mastodon feed and the search function;
  • the site is served with nginx on a machine running Parabola GNU/Linux which is a derivative of Arch Linux with all non-free components removed;

If you feel that credit for one of your programs should be in this list, let me know.

I keep an issue list for this site on a separate page.