Nov 10

Discuss usecase for mailgate

List of immediate apparent problems which make usage problematic:

  • no comment in the while file at all
  • case_description is never expanded (always False)
  • there is no ordering in the crm rules, this makes it unsuitable for anything but the simplest, based on the fields in the form only
  • the mail body configured is a clear candidate for multiple languages (this would have been no extra trouble during implementation) so the mail message sent out can be in the customers language (CRM is about customers aint it?)
  • the body is not set properly by mailgate (if this code is used anywhere, someone would have noticed)
  • port number for mailgate is needed, if there is a multiple app hosting server out there, it needs it.
  • canal on mailgate could be set automatically as the channel is by defintion email. This saves time and improves accuracy of the mailgate script.


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