Prefitting exhaust

Going from the engine to the back of the car I wanted to trial fit as best as possible the complete exhaust to see where it will attach to the chassis, how much clearance it gives etc.

Starting at the headers, which are quite nicely made, I noticed that on the right side the frontmost sparkplug lead and the second frontmost on the left, are a bit to close to the header for my taste. It's nearly touching the header on the left side and completely touching it on the right side.


The other three are positioned much better in between the headers. Perhaps the alu heat shields can be made a bit shorter?

At the back of the chassis the exhaust is fitted with what looks like a piece of old tire. I drilled three holes in the rubber, bolted it onto the bracket and cut a bit of the rubber to make it look neater.


The U-brackets go through and together they hold the middle piece of the exhaust pipes.


Here's an overview picture of the complete underslung exhaust line. It's quite different from the more traditional (in GD terms) exhaust where the pipes are together in the center.


I had hoped the ends were a bit closer together, but there's not much more room to bring them closer, given the current size dampers.