Rear end leftovers

Looking at the last jobs for the rear end I tried replacing the straight grease nipples with 45° variants, but getting them properly positioned to the inside turned out to be quite a challenge. I'll leave it on the backburner for now.

I double checked the torque on the drive shaft nu and got a helpful email from Terry about it too. Torqued it to 136Nm and put in the cotter pin.


The overview Terry sent me had torque numbers for the diff cover nuts as well, so out came the nord-lock washers again and the torque wrench. Probably not that important, but alas, looks nice at least.


Last job was deciding wether to fit the flimsy covers for the drive shafts. General consensus on the fora was a big no-no, so that made the decision a bit easier.

So, rear end done! All that's left now is to fit it to the chassis. (Likely I'll come up with new jobs for it soon, but my list is empty for now)