Aiming for wheels

I am working towards a situation where i can fit wheels to the front temporarily, so the chassis can be positioned over the rear end, not unlike a wheelbarrow. After that I'll want to fit temporary wheels to the back as well because the garage needs to be cleared out by the 20th of July. After we created the new floor, some cracks started to appear and I made an arrangement with the contractor for repairs this summer.


So, that means we'll need to clear out the whole garage, again, and having some wheels on the chassis makes that a whole lot easier. Ideally I want to have the suspension set-up completely by that date, but we'll see.

One thing I noticed at the front was that the damper bracket opening was a bit smaller than the one on the left. This is probably caused by the welding process which puts strain on the metal and causes it to bend. We're talking 2 milimeters I think. With a piece of thread and two M12 nuts I carefully widened the bracket a bit, just enough to get proper clearance on the damper.