No parts yet…

So, no parts this week yet. Might as well tell a bit about what I'm waiting for.

Here's a rundown of the list of stuff I'm waiting for:

  • engine mounts
  • Tremex TKO 600 gearbox
  • propshaft
  • complete ss exhaust + headers

The position of the exhaust will be a bit different at the back. Instead of the two exhaust pipes in the centre as is common for GD type cobra's,

or an option seen lately, at the outside:


Mine will be somewhere in between those two types. I like the wider looks of the exhausts, but not too wide as in the picture above, so mine will be situated between the lights and the vertical chrome thingies.

  • omex 710 ECU + wiring The omex needs a little adjusting (amplification I think it is called) to be able to drive the injectors of the LS2 directly.
  • alternator + bracket
  • starter motor
  • air intake box + filter
  • radiator + fan kit
  • straight thermostat outlet The thermostat on the LS2 is normally at an angle, which does not fit in the GD chassis, so a straight version needs to be mounted.
  • SS header tank
  • several hoses and wiring Hoses in black, wiring semi-assembled, courtesy of the omex guys.
  • fuel pump and filter I would like to assemble the fuel pump like so: The above is a euro chassis, not the jag based one I have, so we'll have to see if there is enough room (esp. with the brake discs inboard).
  • mechanical throttle Apparently the electronic throttle is not allowed, so it needs to be replaced by a mechanical one. Not sure what the precise reason for this is. but my guess would be that it has something to do with paranoia about (aftermarket) ECU's going berzerk and giving an uncontrollable full open throttle signal, with the imaginable consequences of that (esp. when an automatic gearbox is fitted). So, lots to do when the stuff gets here.