Engine thoughts

I want to take a number of preliminary decisions on the engine, so I can move forward in that area.

Spent more or less the weekend reading up on the differences between all the different models of LS engines and their architecture in general. A while ago I bought a book on LS engines because frankly, I dont know much about the LS engines.


Since I bought that book there have been some new LS engines, notably the LS2 and LS3. At this moment the LS2 is the most interesting, price-wise, when compared to a new LS1 or new LS3. I was also considering buying second hand, but the price difference is not that big and the uncertainty factor of what such an engine has been through on one hand and the limitation of choice (at least in the netherlands almost all second hand LS engines are LS1's) on the other, made me focus on new engines.

  • So, my focus will be on new LS2 engines for now.


Second, how much self building do i want to do? In theory, if I look at my initial goals for this project, the answer would be 'all of it'. However, that may not be the smartest thing to do. Building up the engine from a bare block will take quite a bit of time (not a problem, i'm not in a hurry). It will most likely be more expensive, not only because all the parts separately are more expensive than a prebuilt crate engine, but there's also a need to purchase some special tools and other materials needed to build the engine. The difference in price can be considerable. The first part of an engine build; putting in the crankshaft and pistons seems to require some special tools and expertise, after that it seems to get easier.

  • Focussing on buildup from short-block for now.

Now, where to get one? This turns out to be actually the first thing to look into. There is no 'easy' way, as in walking to a supplier in the netherlands, sit down for an afternoon to get things right and place an order. Importing from either US or UK is an option, where the UK route seems a bit easier, especially because GD itself is a supplier of the LS engines. This part of the puzzle is ongoing.

So, to sum up, here's what I am looking for:

  • LS2 engine, preferably short block, but open to crate engine deals ;-)
  • if short block a supplier which can supply all the parts too;
  • No ECU or loom needed (will use GD and a OMEX stuff for that);
  • a detailed technical manual on how to build up such a beast.