Status update

It's been 117 days since my last confession…

So, perhaps a little status update is in order. Although I declared the garaged finished earlier there's always something that needs to be finished/improved. So, this summer we placed 2 new windows in the south wall.


With the help of Peter Rousse new isolation was placed, and the wall was plated with Keralit panels.


Although not a very big job, it always takes more time than originally planned. And yet again, I forgot to take a picture of the finished project!

Blogging wise, time was spent migrating from Wordpress installation. This allows me to use all the server stuff I already have in place in the office anyway and gives me a bit more control over the blog. I also got fed up with google analytics slowing the blog down even further than I do myself with all the pictures.

Wordpress also gives me a couple of extra options which would be harder to do at blogger:

  • iphone specific theme
  • support for pages and posts within my ecto blogging client;
  • support for both categories and tags;
  • more flexible uploads which I'll need shortly.

I have tried to keep all URLs the same where possible. All feeds and links should still work as they did on Blogger. I had to sacrifice the 'Followers' widget and the 'Profile details' which are Blogger specific items. There's some work left to cater for Internet Explorer users (although they should use a better browser anyway).

Work on the cobra has been a bit slow, partly due to the above. All donor parts are basically done and waiting for me to put them on to the chassis. For the front-end I assemble the uprights, at first a bit baffled why the ball joints did not fit.


Took me a bit to realise there was still a part of the old ball joint attached to the upright which I apparently thought it was part of the upright. Other than that, quick job.