It should have been easier

Assembling the rear driveshafts with the universal joints is an easy job ( unlike the disassembly of them). Especially using my press, getting in the Universal Joints is very easy to do and the first was completed in no time.


The second however, disaster! The first joint went in smoothly but when I pressed in the second the complete "top lid" of one of the caps broke off!!! Aargh. No idea how this happened. I did not subject the joints to excessive force, although using a press sort of hides these forces.


So, after a minute or two of swearing I pressed out the one joint which, thankfully, did not damage the shaft and came out pretty easily. It should just be a matter of purchasing a new UJ now and pressing that in. All in all, the job took me 4 hours where it should have been like 10 minutes.