5 years of blogging?

I just migrated the posts from this site from Xaraya to a Wordpress install, just like I did with My Cobra Blog Apparently I have been playing for about 5 years with it since my first post. The blog started out as a subdomain of hsdev.com, using an install of Moveable Type (I forgot the version).

I don't think I used MT for a long time. At the time I was maintaining/rewriting all the xmlrpc/blogging modules for Xaraya and it made sense to use my own blog as a testenvironment for it. This weekend I installed Wordpress on our servers. Both the "normal" version and the WordPress-µ (Multi-User) were installed. (I had already started with the 2.7 beta, but along the way I sort of realised that the multi user variety is a better choice for me).

So, all new software again for the measly 10 posts I do a year.

The plan is to have mrblog.nl be a 'top-level' kinda thing, perhaps multi-domain to allow quick creation of blogs and use subdomains for specific purposes (like the cobra blog and I want to experiment with a photo-blog at some point too).

We'll see.