Practice run for spraying the donor parts

Given the amount of time already spent on preparing the donor parts, I am a bit hesitant to just start spraying the POR15 onto them without a bit of experience. As my motorbike needed new exhausts and as such had to be disassembled anyway, I prepared a couple of parts of the bike for spraying.

First, with the help of an el cheapo gazebo, I created an improvised spray booth.


This worked much better than expected. After a bit of testing to get the viscosity of the chassis coat right and the spray gun adjusted, spraying the two bike parts was a quick job. The goal was to record the settings for the gun, the amount of solvent to use and, obviously, look at the end result.


The chassis coat, when sprayed, gives a unique finish, more matte than brushed. The breather is no luxury, this stuff is nasty.

The rest of the day was spent masking the jag parts. I'll probably spent tomorrow completing the masking and re-assembling the bike, so I can get it out of the way (you can just see it behind the tent on the left)