Rear hub buildup start and grease

While waiting on the return of all the suspension components from the galvanizer, there is not much to do. One thing is to prepare the rear hubs for buildup.

I started to put in the bearing tracks. The fulcrum ones are relatively easy.


The innner and outer bearing track is a different story though. Even with the proper bearing drifts it takes quite a bit of hammering to drive them home. After having done two, or rather one and a half i phoned the local garage with the question if i could use their press. That made it a lot easier! It did hurt a bit too see my hubs getting dirty again though.


Also did a bit of reading to choose a grease. I ended up with Kroon Oil Q9 It had the words 'high grade' and 'automotive' on it, came with a free grease gun, which looks a whole lot easier than my current one….


and the stuff is blue! I'm sold.