Slowly moving from dirty to clean

The amount of dirty parts is shrinking considerably now. Especially after blasting the parts that are 'ready for painting' look amazing.


It makes the parts almost look like there is a paint finish on them.


I also got my hands on a broken bench drill. It's a new machine but the motor does not start well. Bit of a gamble, but it sounds like the startup capacitor is either the wrong size or broken. It's too big for my multimeter so i can not be sure if it is Ok or not.


Opening up the motor itself revealed a loose wire?!? Seconds before the motor ran smooth, so i must have torn it loose on opening up the motor. Other than that, the motor looked fine. I also noticed the motor got quite hot when trying to get it to run, but i'm hoping that is the abnormal load on the secondary coil during the testing. If I can get this fixed by a capacitor replacement, i got a really good deal! If not, i got a lousy one.