Handbrake caliper reconditioning

Got my parts back from galvanising today. What a difference a little shine makes! Most of the items were from the donor handbrake calipers, which were in pretty bad shape when i got them.


Using the rivnut tool i bought a while ago, the little covers were repaired with a new rivnut and although i still am missing a bolt and some locking thingies, assembling the caliper was pretty rewarding.


I'm not sure about the inside, the clip i have seems different than what i can find in my manuals. Also the spring on the right seems to be in the middle of the path were the missing bolt should go to hold the covers.


The other caliper should not be a problem.

The galvanising was sort of an experiment; i found a company nearby which asks a flat rate for any 'box full of metal parts'. They galvanise with blue and yellow finish (blue-ish and yellow-ish i guess). I asked what the limit was for the parts, but they didn't give me one, so perhaps i should bring the whole set of suspension parts too?