GD track day

We had a little trip to the UK last weekend. Flew into London Stansted and hurried to the GD factory. Indeed, my chassis was being manufactured at the time. It was almost complete, a couple of brackets were missing and its powder coating. Even without that I was seriously impressed.


Saturday was mostly spent at the Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground where a little circuit was available for the GD car owners to race their cars on and for people like myself to take a ride-along. Lots of goodies, like a very nicely done T70:


The Arial atom exoskeleton cars which the event organiser, Big Thunder was using:


And obviously, quite a few GD427's


I had a ride along in both a GD427 (thanks Hein!) and Andy drove me around the circuit in their T70 demonstrator:


Sunday, we spent a day in Cambridge. Also nice, but erm.. different ;-)