Unstucking things

Almost done with disassembling all the donorparts, one wishbone still to be removed, the rest is all done and waiting in line to be electrolysed.

Along the way most time is consumed by things which are stuck, but need to be loosened. Yesterday i spent a whole day grinding a wishbone from its subframe because tapping-it-out was undoable. Here's another example, as of yet unsolved, of something which is stuck. Suggestions are welcome. I'm thinking of putting it into the oven or use a mini flame thrower on it.


Also had a quick look at the differential. Although it was said to be 100% in order, i'm hesitant not to check and recondition it. There's at least the pinion seal which is leaking and the paint isn't covering the whole diff. So, this will need some work.

The differential also seems to be the most logical place to start the actual build with, that is, the first part to prepare and finish before assembly starts.