First shiny bits

Went to DAX Benelux today to exchange the disassembled calipers for reconditioned ones. I dont actually need them right away, as there is no part finished yet to which i can attach a caliper, but it replaces 4 rusty parts for 4 shiny parts, which feels like progress.


For any part to be ready for anything, the postman brought in the nasty stuff this morning, representing the 4 phases most of the parts will need to go through.


  1. Marine Clean; get rid of dirt and grease (i doubt there is any left after the soda-soak they all got, but i'm following instructions here)
  2. Metal Ready; acid plus zinc-phosphate to get the metal ready to receive the real thing;
  3. POR15; the coat that is going to protect the parts from rust;
  4. Chassis Black; the coat that is going to protect the POR15 from UV light; as far as there will be any under the car. (and yes, i got a bit more than just that tiny can there)

These and the preceding electrolytic treatment should be more than adequate to keep the donorparts free from rust and protected from whatever may be out there.