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Emerce - Technologie nieuws: TiVo maakt downloaden naar iPod mogelijk:

De Tivo-dienst is officieel alleen beschikbaar in de Verenigde Staten en het Verenigd Koninkrijk. In Nederland bestaan ook TiVo-gebruikers. Wie het apparaat hier wil gebruiken moet wel flink sleutelen aan het oorspronkelijke apparaat. De Nederlandse TiVo-gemeenschap assisteert hierbij

Translation: "The TiVo-service is officially only available in the United States an the the United Kingdom. In the Netherlands there are also TiVo-users. Who wants to use the device here, has to perform quite a bit of tinkering with the original device. The Dutch TiVo community has some useful info."

This community site was started by Dennis and myself. Lately Dennis has done some great work making it easy to create a fully working TiVo in the Netherlands. The critical point is having high quality guide data. Dennis runs a Guide Data server for the community. Several others, including me, run their own emulators for further development.

While it would be great to have an official TiVo service in the Netherlands, it would also destroy the community as it exists today, because the moment an official TiVo subscription can be had, our efforts become illegal, not only by the way TiVo license it hard- and software, but also by the licenses imposed by the several TiVo groups themselves. Most of the open tools developed have an explicit mention you can only use them if there is no official TiVo service available in your area"