Only pragmatic arguments for Open source?

Computer Economics: research on strategic and financial management of information systems has results on a survey they held on why organisations choose an Open Source solution.

Computer Economics recently conducted a survey of visitors to its website regarding the perceived advantages in the use of open source software. Although not a scientific sample, the results are nevertheless startling

From those results I largely miss 2 things:

  1. If "less dependence on vendor" is the main factor, i would like to see some cases where that really mattered, not by showing people who can't switch from MS (we know there is a lock-in there), but by showing the ease of switching OSS providers.
  2. Apparently only the economical arguments count here. Which might make sense considering the focus area of Computer Economics, but what i would like to know if the argument of "freedom" or "right thing to do" was asked, or mentioned at all.

Also, why these results are startling is beyond me.