Progress report

Making xaraya react to the mt_keywords MT member was easy with the existing keywords module. The harder part (read: more time consuming) was to make the visual presentation of them in the site somewhat acceptable.

If you view this article by itself (what we call the display view in Xaraya), you'll notice an extra part on the right side "Related entries" which lists other entries which have the same keywords attached to them. This allows a reader to quickly read all entries which have the same or similar taxonomy. The block isnt fully functional yet, because it reacts to some keywords while it doesn't for others, so there's still some digging to do there. (FIXED)

Outstanding task list:

  • making Xaraya react on the mt_tb_ping_urls member
  • deal with the allow/disallow flags for trackback and comments
  • find a home for mt_excerpt
  • implement the mt.supportedTextFilters method to allow for markdown or textile input