My brain is not a tree

Mind mapping seemed an attractive concept to bring some order into my chaotic thoughts, so i spend an afternoon looking for a program running on OSX to give it a spin.

The first thing I noticed all these programs assumed (with the exception of PersonalBrain which is not available on OS X) that my thoughts are organized in a tree like manner. At some point someone must have decided that a tree like organization for creative thinking is appropriate.

I am probably not a creative person

The leading mind mapping software on OS X does not even support quick linking between one part of a tree and another part. Yes, you can draw a line between two leaves, but that's not exactly what i had in mind.

The PersonalBrain mentioned above comes quite close to what i was looking for, taking each idea as a possible starting point for organizing. So, i played with it for an hour, deleting it from my PC right after that. I managed to make a mess out of it immediately. Instead of stimulating navigation and organizing thoughts I found the program chaotic itself. It created links for me which i didnt want with no obvious feedback when I did that. (and i got dizzy from the UI too)

There must be something wrong with my brain.

If i understand all the involved techniques right, I need a very graphically oriented and very fast RDF editor with lots of attention to keyboard shortcuts and screen organization, which hides the horrendous details of RDF graphs and how they are specified. There are some RDF editors out there, mostly java based, but they are exactly that: RDF editors, nothing more, nothing less. Not very imaginative about making RDF being a storage format for semantical relationships and abstracting the interface around it.

I must have misunderstood the semantics.