Lowering the treshold

As mentioned earlier i like to treat weblogs as much as possible as a messaging activity. Not because i like messaging so much, but it has become the major activity in working the internet for me; communicating through news and mail. I find blogging interesting, but the threshold was always a bit high.

Especially blogging on linux seems a tab bit less friendly than the excellent clients available for windows, and those didn't fit my pattern. What I did was basically the following:

  1. searched the net for email gateways to MT (found 3)
  2. literally threw the three files into one perl script ( they all had something i needed)
  3. reorganized and made it fit to be a baseline for me.

So, phase 1 is complete, i can post in html with my email client to my blog (through a special email-address linked to it), selecting multiple categories.(by specifying them in a X-Categories custom mail header). Attachments to the email are automatically placed in the right location.

Outstanding issues:

  1. a bit better extracting of the message (i left this posting as it is generated, definitely not what you want for all postings, look at the source of this page!)
  2. keywords, excerpt and extended entry support
  3. being able to comment through the same mechanism
  4. get the stylesheet of the blog as a template in the email composer (well, maybe not)
  5. Editting of posts
  6. specifying sites to ping